Engineering Services and Capabilities

At CSM Sheet Metal, we hold a large stock of high quality steel at all times.

This means we can operate a very efficient turn around time to bring your order into production promptly.

Laser Profiling and Cutting

We have three laser profiling machine stations each with lights out capability and able to process 6 tons of material unaided. These state of the art machines can process 0.6 to 25 millimetre plate with un paralleled precision. We can load them on a Friday and they will automatically complete the job by Monday morning.

The Machine Shop

In our extensive machine shop we have a number of semi-automated and manually operated precision bending machines. For example, one of our machines bends with a laser measuring device 200 times per second, measuring and bending at the same time, continuously, compensating for material thickness and strength. This machine can bend components up to 6 millimetres to an accuracy of 1/10th of a degree every time. The latest addition to our bending suite of machines is the Salvagnini, capable of performing up to 40 bends per minute.

Quite a large part of our machine shop is occupied by this state of the art machine that takes punching sheet metal to a much higher level of efficiency. It’s fed by it’s own robotic arm that picks up the sheets and delivers them to the bed where components of various sizes are punched out. The individual components are then picked up and stacked separately on a sorting table and the waste is automatically evacuated. The robotics save on the labour required by conventional machinery where the components have to be shaken loose manually before they are stacked. This is a machine that can be programmed to run day and night unmanned.

Working with Sheet Aluminium and Stainless Steel

We work with sheets of aluminium and stainless steel. Sheets are processed through a grinding machine, transforming them from the raw state into a sheet with a high quality smooth mirror like finish.

MIG, TIG and Robotic Welding Capabilities and Facilities

Our expertise in the art of welding is unlikely to be bettered. We employ a highly skilled team of manual welders who have a busy section of the shop floor to themselves each working on a different assignment. We have three robots tirelessly welding both heavy and light components. This is yet another example of CSM using state of the art technology to minimise production times which ultimately reflect in savings for our customers.

We use numerous gasses on an industrial scale, and recognised a greener alternative to having them delivered – so we invested heavily in our own plant that converts compressed air into the nitrogen we need, reducing our carbon footprint.

Shot Blasting

At CSM, we ‘shot blast’ using G17 grit, a recycled product. This is applied at 100psi in our industrial sized extraction plant, preparing steel with a clean surface ready for pre galvanising or paintwork. We also offer a more gentle means of shot blasting by way of ‘glass grit’ for the more delicate and intricate components.

Paint Shop

A section of the factory houses our paint shop designed to deliver the best in powder coated or wet painted protection. The process is constantly on the move from the actual spraying – through the large capacity stoving ovens – to the finished articles lifted off the rail and carefully packed, ready for their journey to assembly.


Assembly occupies a large section of the factory with an area set aside for our heavy and bulky products, for example ‘public service machines’, ‘high security bunkers’ and medical ‘drug dispensing trolleys’. As well as the larger items we manufacture and assemble smaller products too, such as glove dispensers.

Screen Printing

We have our own screen printing facility means you can have your own corporate identity printed to the highest standards on glass, labels, and in fine detail on control panels.

Design and Development

We have a team of in house designers to bring your idea to reality. Engineers, with a wealth of experience and skill, producing detailed drawings using computer aided design (CAD) software. They are able to review and amend designs and huge money saving alterations can be made before production begins.

Our Software Library includes:

  1. 3D Autodesk Inventor
  2. Solid Works
  3. 2D AutoCad 2019
  4. JET CAM, CAD/CAM nesting and material management software


CSM offers an extra service for packaging your products and their delivery, either nationally or exporting globally. The items and quantity of each consignment for delivery are carefully checked at dispatch against the original order before being booked out and issued with a delivery note, copies of these are made electronically, including an additional hand written order number stored for a further safe record.

Quality Management

CSM operate an accredited quality management system.
BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Quality Checks during Production

CSM prides itself on the quality of each of it’s end products, so, it’s management policy to carry out quality and accuracy checks at regular intervals on every machine to ensure these standards are maintained.

  • Laser Profiling and Cutting

  • Extensive Machine Shop

  • Working with Sheet Aluminium and Stainless Steel

  • MIG, TIG, Robotic Welding Capabilities and Facilities

  • Shot/Glass Grit Blasting

  • Powder Coating/Wet Paint Shop

  • Assembly

  • Screen Printing

  • Design and Development

  • Delivery